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Diploma in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Short Film Title

Team Members
Koh Ziwei, Huang Yung Ting, Bharathi Priya, Nur Huda Binte Jasni

Lynus Hee

Technology Used
Adobe CC, Autodesk Maya, The Foundry Nuke

Breath Description-

A breath of life is all she longs for as she traverse the lifeless streets. She feels trapped in a city that has no exits. She comes across a creature that the city rarely sees. It is trapped in a cage, a feeling she’s familiar with. The latch is released and so is the fish. “A fish” she muses as she dances along to the rhythm of the fish and begins pursuing it. Soon she stops as she draws near a line, the line that divides her from the fish. The line becomes a barrier that is meant to protect her but what’s there to live if you’re trapped inside.

Koh Zi wei+

“I am not narcissistic enough to write my biography but I’ll try.” – Ziwei

When one ask does art imitates life or life imitates art, there are those who will be philosophical, there are those who will be smug and there are those who simply don’t give an absolute care. But for me, I felt my life was imitating art.

Art became an interest when I was young, I need not toys but paper and pencils. I was a soft-spoken child with a loud passion towards art, I would be asked what do I want to do when I grow up and my answer of being an artist never wavered.

Art became a form of release in my pre-teen’s, when I found out the world was not as wonderful as it seemed when I was young. Anxieties, responsibilities, phases, friends and many other factors of life left me panting and mentally exhausted. But art became a more significant in my life, my art has more dark themes in it with reflections of the problems I faced in the path. I ultimately made the decision of majoring in Art as an “”O”” level subject.

Art became an experimentation in my late-teen’s. I was unsure of where to go next after graduating with an average score. I was sure that I was not going to a JC; I was sure that I am either going to a poly or other art related institutes. I ended up in Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. This kickstarted a change in the medium of my artform, from traditional arts to digital arts. I was exposed to a whole new side of art ranging from digital photography, videography, graphic design, motion design, and digital film.

This allowed me to develop my own voice in arts with different mediums and I acquired an eccentric style in my art. I aim to be different, unique, unapologetic but most importantly to have my art evoke emotions. Be it joy, sadness, anger, fear or awe as long as it evoked feelings, it has a meaning.

For my final year, we got to pitch a story for our semester long project and I was chosen. I was not required to have a narrative in my VFX sequence but my principle of having meaning behind my craft, stands resilient. It took six months, with the help from team mates, to give birth to my film. I received a distinction.

After the film, I became an intern for TMRRW Studio. I gained a lot experience working with a dedicated team of like-minded creatives and learnt not only technical skills but also life skills of a functioning adult in a modern age. I later became a part time designer for TMRRW for an indefinite time.

I wonder what art will be in my next phase of my life.

I am an introverted support team player with skills ranging from graphic design, motion design, videography and photography. Music is also a critical art form in my life which I have skills in, piano, trombone, drums.

Freelance Experience – 2014 – present
TMRRW Intern/Freelance – Sept 2016 – present
Breath – FYP Film Director (2016)
Threadless “”Mean Girls”” Design Competition – Selected for print (2016)

Link to Reel

Huang Yung Ting+

After completing his O’ level, John, enrolled to SP’s Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. Many factors led him to this course, and one of which is his father’s occupation as an Executive Creative Director in China. John also fell in love with Visual Effects from movies, especially after watching a post- production documentary on the film Iron Man, and he hopes that one day he can work in the industry and produce a similar stunning work.

During DVEMG, he excelled at learning software skills and he believed he could ace the course. But he did not anticipate what his internship at CRITICA would bring, and his fruitful time there he learnt a lot more. With the help of his colleagues, he rekindled his passion and continued his learning outside of his cirriculum. John also felt his people skills have improved as a result of the internship.

John is proficient 3D Modelling (Maya) and Motion Graphic (After Effects) skills, he is also good with compositing in The Foundry’s, Nuke.
John’s other interests is playing guitar or drawing. He used to play in a guitar ensemble for his secondary school in SYF. As for drawing, it’s just a little hobby he has whenever he has some free time.

Gen-Ed video – Made a speed animation video to introduce General Education to new SP students.
DEEE Video – Made an animation video explaining what course Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering is about to new coming SP students.
Sem; – Final Year Project Visual Effects Sequence, Visual Effect Supervisor & Compositor (2016)

Link to Reel

Bharathi Priya+

Bharathi has always been fascinated by the art of filmmaking. First picking up photography in her CCA, ELDDS Media & Publicity Club, at the age of thirteen,
inspired by the works of local and Malaysian Directors like Yasmin Ahmad. After Os, she worked hard to secure a place in this diploma through JPSAE(Special Admissions), to equip herself with a good foundation in post production. There hasn’t been a moment she’s not been pursuing an opportunity to grow her knowledge in this field, big or small.

Bharathi’s passion for directing comes from a genuine respect for, and desire to be involved in, every aspect of filmmaking, pre through post.


Taking initiative may be Bharathi’s biggest strength. She has taken up roles ranging from Director, DP, Art Director to Colourist in projects for school and film competitions over the years.
The effective usage of colour in storytelling she had observed in her favorite films, prompted her to study colour theory and pick up the colour grading software Davinci Resolve. After years of consistent practice, Davinci Resolve is one of the software she is most proficient in.
Bharathi is also interested in Photography, Graphic Design and is overly obsessed with Game of Thrones (such a nerd for it, it’s literally in her bio)


Breath (FYP)
Director of Photography/Colourist

Freeflow Productions
Internship (2016-2017)
Freelance Production Assistant (2017)

Singapore Cord Blood Bank Promo
Art Assistant

Netflix – A Series Of Unfortunate Events CNY Promo
Prod Assistant, Location Scout

Universal Studios Singapore
Halloween Horror Nights
VFX Makeup Artist (2015)                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Link to Reel


Nur Huda Binte Jasni+

When Huda was in secondary school, she decided to venture into the performing arts sector by joining her school’s concert band and Malay dance CCA. At the end of her 4 years in secondary school, she wanted to explore the creative art sector. She was inspired by film and motion graphics closer to the end of her final examinations. Although she only wanted to study film, she found out that Singapore Polytechnic had a course that combines both film and motion graphics. This prompts her to put it as her second choice during the JAE as it allows her to explore her interest.

During the course of her study, Huda found little passion in assignments that revolves around post production. Along the way, she realises that her interest lies in pre-production and production. She took on the role as a producer in the majority of her group projects as the role allows her flexibility in creativity and organisation.

In her final year, she joined Vividthree Productions as a Production Assistant intern. There she worked at the front office handling project coordination and production. During her internship, she was worked on projects such as commercials, infographics and films of major industry players. Her internship also widened her perspective on the amount of effort and coordination that it takes to produce a short 15 second GIF.

Her interest lies in voluntary work and reading. She was an active member in the school’s outreach programme for the first two years in Singapore Polytechnic. She has been involved in introducing Singapore Polytechnic to the public through open houses, events and seminars.

Huda is an active team member that takes initiative in all of her projects be it school assignments or voluntary works. She explores all of the available options and is willing to use unconventional methods to overcome her obstacles.

Link to Reel