Jennifer Duh Yi Chia

Jennifer Duh Yi Chia


Diploma in Digital Animation

I always have a passion in art. When I was young, I saw my cousin doing art assignment. I was fascinated by the colours and texture of the art piece so I offered a helping hand. Besides allowing me to help, she gave me a piece of paper to doodle on. She also taught me how to make the drawings more lively and engaging. Ever since, I would always join her whenever she does her art assignments and will create my own art piece too. I believe that was when I build up my passion towards art.

As I grew, my parents would bring me to art museums, buy me art materials and constantly encouraging me to draw. From time to time I would show them my doodles and they would hang them up on the wall as a sign of encouragement. When I turned twelve, my parents started to provide me with constructive feedbacks of my pieces, although my morale was down for some moments, it was when my mother explained that in order for me to improve my art work, I need more practice and receive constructive criticisms well. I followed her advices and has been practicing more.

I am determined to pursuit an art-related job, but I wasn’t sure of which type of job I should choose until I watched Disney’s movie, Tangled. Fascinated by the vibrant colours in the movie, I decided to become an animator. After having a clear idea of what to do, I enrolled into Singapore Polytechnic Digital Animation and had a yearlong internship at Sparky Animation Studio where I learned more about the industry pipeline and how it works. The things I learned during internship did not cover in school which helps me a lot with my skills, I can work much faster than I was one year before. I used to give up whenever I cannot solve the problem but during my time at Sparky, I will try to come out with a solution but if I could not solve it I will look for help and definitely not giving up until I get the task settled.

With deeper understanding of animation and the growing interest towards it, I wish to be working in the animation industry.


  • 3D Lighting
  • Visual Effects
  • Video Editing
  • Hardworking
  • Multi-tasking

Visual Effects Intern at Sparky Animation (2016-2017)
Japanese Animation Seminar and Workshop with Professionals (2015)

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