Lua Jin Pei

Lua Jin Pei


Diploma in Digital Animation

Bandai Namco Studios Singapore

Wendy Lee, Leon and Edward Quah

Alex Ong and Winnie Soo

I was born and raised in Singapore. As a child, it has always been my passion to draw and watch cartoons on television. I developed my skills as time passed and this helped me decide to enrol into Singapore Polytechnic to earn my Diploma in Digital Animation. I am currently specializing in 3D Animation, and I hope to further improve my competence in illustrating.

I am a hard worker when it comes to achieving my goals and dreams. I am also a fast learner, as well as being self-motivated and passionate about my work and interests. I enjoy receiving feedback on my work as I am eager to learn new skills to broaden my knowledge.

My hobbies include playing video games, listening to music, writing, reading and being with my family and friends. When it comes to video games, I love solving puzzles and playing role playing games or first-person shooters.

Internship Experience
During my internship at Bandai Namco Studios Singapore, I joined the Animation department as an Animation intern. It was a very new experience for me since it was my first internship, and I got to know what it was like to work with other artists to help build the project together. There were a variety of people there, everyone was very friendly and I felt welcomed.

As an Animation Intern, I helped to animate cutscenes, as well as learning how to polish motion capture animation. My supervisor and mentors have been an enormous help to me by giving me lots of feedback and showing me multiple reference videos for animation. They were very patient with me and I was able to understand the fundamentals of animation much better, and I felt that I had improved a lot under their guidance and hence I am extremely grateful to them. I also understood the importance of teamwork and communication that can help bring the project to fruition, and it is because of everyone’s combined efforts that we are able move forward.

I would like to thank Bandai Namco and Singapore Polytechnic for this opportunity, the experience has been invaluable and I will never forget it.

Strengths/ Interests
Quick and eager to learn
Positive to feedback
Able to receive direction
Hard worker

Video games
Creating stories


  • Digital Video Production, Advanced Elective Module (2012) – Grade A
  • Polytechnic Preparatory Programme (2014)
  • Visual Industry Promotion Organization, Character Making Workshop (2015)
  • Overseas Immersion Programme, Digital Hollywood University, Tokyo (2015)

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