Neo Shi Jie

Neo Shi Jie


Diploma in Digital Animation

Bandai Namco Studios Singapore

Wendy Lee & Indra Gunawan

Technology Used
Unreal Engine, Keyshot, CrazyBump, Xnormal, Photoshop, Zbrush, Mudbox, Maya

3D Asset creation is and will be always be my greatest passion in my life and creating inspiring models for the future asset creator to come is my goals in life. I am deeply inspired by highly detailed and realistic models as to me creating a model that’s looks as close to real life is a skill that should be greatly respected as it shows how much attention & dedication the artist give towards his creation.

As we all know there is a principle where it takes 10 000 hours to achieve mastery that’s why I am always open to feedback. To me, they are priceless as feedback brings another perspective to you, views that you alone can’t see which allows you to view your mistake and learn from it. That’s why I decided to enroll into Singapore Polytechnic to learn more about asset creation and to pursuit my passion.

I am greatly inspired by Anthony Jones with his realistic value and his awesome concept art. So during my free time I will practice not just modeling but also drawing as I believe you learn forms better when you draw it out which helps in modelling as you are able to construct the model in your mind before you model.

After graduation, I will continue to learn, to improve and to strive for greatness in my craft. Hopefully, one day my work will inspire people to pursuit this passion and pass on my legacy.

Internship Experience
I am a detail oriented team member and a hard worker, always putting my best effort t In making the 3D models as realistic and interesting as possible as I realized the importance of an appealing 3D model can be a great factor to the success or failure of the product.

During my internship in Bandai Namco Studios I learn so much in the game industry things like the pipeline workflow, new software like Unreal Engine 4 & Crazy bump and other some tips and trick to make my asset creation progress more efficient. By the end of the internship I felt that my skills has improved greatly due to the great guidance of my Supervisor and the whole modeling team.

So I would like to thank my supervisor and the Modelling team from Bandai Namco for being so patient in guiding me throughout this 1 year internship. All the feedback & knowledge I received which will path the way for me to become a 3D asset artist is all thanks to them. But all this wouldn’t be possible without my Lecturer, Miss Wendy for giving me the chance to work with such a great company and the lecturers of DDA who always there to help me to learn and improve when I know nothing about this industry when I first came in.

Strengths/ Interests

Watching Animated films
3d Modelling & Sculpting
Plastic Models
Practical Sculpting
Drawing Creatures


Student of Diploma in Digital Animation [2014 -2017] Artist at Bandai Namco Studios Singapore, Intern [2016-2017] Director’s Roll [2016]

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