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    Alexandria Siah
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    Alexandria Siah

Siah Jia Ying Alexandria


Diploma in Digital Animation

I’ve always had a passion for art, from pencils to paint, I always loved scribbling down little drawings of stories I dreamt of in my wild little head, so I could remember them when I grew up and be able to tell those stories to others in the future.

After completing my O’ levels, I knew that I wanted to pursue a job that would make me happy, and I knew it had to be in animation. I LOVE animation, ever since I was young. Whether it was 2D or 3D, asian or western, movies or TV shows, their ability to tell stories that transcend time and captivate the hearts of children and adults alike was magical to me! Animation pushed the boundaries of storytelling, shaping ideas from thoughts and dreams into reality, bringing us to places that you can’t even imagine. I want to show others the power and the joy of animation, which is why I decided to pursue Digital Animation at Singapore Polytechnic.

The three years of learning has really taught me a lot. The 1 year internship experience I received in my final year has especially helped me be quick and independent in my work, and has provided me with knowledge of the production pipeline in the fast paced industry. My goal is to better improve my 3D animation skill and speed, and maybe pursue in learning more about 2D animation as well.

My biggest dream is to be able to make a difference in the animation industry, and inspire others to strive for their dreams as well.

Internship Experience
You can’t blame me for being worried at the start.

Sparky was known throughout the cohort as “the workplace where you’ll never sleep”, a place where every 2nd year student was worried they might end up in when they started internship.

However, Sparky was far from what the weird rumours had foretold. I joined as a layout artist, setting up cameras and sets for the animators to use, and after a few months moved my way up as one of the character animators myself. It was definitely tough the first few weeks, getting use to the production pipeline and crunch times, but after a whole year of working there, I’ve learnt so many things that I would have never experience from just staying in school! My supervisors were so kind and knowledgable, and everyone was really nice there! Working first hand on actual productions really helped to improve my speed in animation, and I received a lot of helpful advice from my supervisors that would benefit me in the future. It was definitely an amazing experience! Sometimes you shouldn’t believe what the rumours are saying, go out and experience it for yourself, maybe in the end, you would have had a great time like I did!

Strenghts/ Interests

Autodesk Maya (3D Animation)
ToomBoon (2D Animation)
Adobe Photoshop (Drawing/Painting/Editing)
Adobe Illustrator (Drawing/Painting/Editing)
Adobe Premiere (Basic editing)
Adobe After Effects (Basic editing)

Though I am serious about work and punctuality, I am also fun and outgoing, love learning and trying out new things. I am not afraid to interact with others, and always eager to ask questions, have experience in leadership positions. Finally, I am very passionate. I always believe that one should strive for excellence, that if there is something that you believe in, you have to give it your 110% and go for it no matter what.

I’ve always enjoyed watching movies, especially animated films and TV shows. I also take great interest in games, always being in know of the latest games trends and news. When I’m alone, I like to come up with stories to create in the future, as well as draw and read. I enjoy doing arts and crafts, and love trying new mediums from painting to sewing and everything in between. But most of all, I love inspiring and motivating others to be the best they can be.


Internship Experience:​ Character Animator and Layout Artist at Sparky Animation (2016-2017)
Awarded:​ Singapore Polytechnic Director’s Roll of Academic Excellence (2015/2016)
Awarded:​ Singapore Polytechnic Director’s Roll of Academic Excellence (2014/2015)
Certificate of Commendation:​ Singapore Polytechnic Extracurricular – Japanese Language I (Merit)
Certificate of Completion:​ Digital Hollywood University Tokyo Study Tour Program (2015)
Certificate of Completion:​ Japanese Animation Seminar and Workshop with Professionals (2015)

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