Tessa Soh Hui Shan

Tessa Soh Hui Shan


Diploma in Digital Animation

Sparky Animations

Mr. Mahathir, Goh Keong

Technology Proficiency
Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Keyshot, Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro, Paint Tool SAI

Internship Experience
For the past few months working at Sparky Animations has been a really productive year as I was able to learn more about how internal workings of how an animation company in our industry is like. Initially for the first few months when I started working there, I had difficulty coping with the huge workload and short deadline given to complete the task given. However, I managed to adapt by not only working harder but to also consult with my supervisor regarding my assignments before submission and to also get feedback on how I am progressing as the months pass by.

When I was given the opportunity to work on other new projects in Sparky Animation, I would always be delighted to work on something new and fresh as I feel each project has its own unique feature that differ from each other and with each different project I took on, I gained new introspects and knowledge about 3D modelling. I am also proactive when it comes to resolving any concerns I have for the assigned tasks I was given and made sure to clarify any doubts I have to help me along by doing a better job. I am grateful to my supervisor for being patient with me and for his guidance and advise which has helped me grow these past few months of internship both individually and skillset wise. With these experiences gained, it helped me to develop and improve my ability to bring my models to life and to be more detail orientated when it comes to modelling and apply these skills to my works.

On the whole, I am really thankful for Sparky Animation giving me the opportunity to intern there for a yearlong and gain so much invaluable experience and knowledge there which in turn, developed my skillsets and made me into a better individual at my craft.

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. “ – Pablo Picasso

Since young, Tessa had always have a passion and the curiosity for the creation of art and she made it as a goal to strive for which are all part of her grandest dreams, to which, is to be able to be a part of inspiring animation films to the intriguing story of RPG games to strategical interactive games created.

Currently, she is striving to make her dreams become a reality. After completing her ‘O’ levels, she decided to study under a field which allows her to gain the skills required to follow her dreams, narrowing down to SP’s diploma in Digital Animation due to its relevancy of its modules to the industry.
For her final year at SP, Tessa had the opportunity to work with Sparky Animation for a full year and throughout the months of internship, she gained the experience to become detail orientated in her work & enhance her skill set, along with the ability to complete assigned work within the original deadline. Throughout this experience, she is really grateful for having this chance to learn and grow there.

Her aspiration is refine her skills in Entertainment Design such that she would be able to turn her passion and hobby into her career after graduation.


  • Perfectionist when it comes to her work especially in 3D Modelling & Drawing
  • Playing games like Blade & Soul to study the 3D models, textures and environment of the game world
  • Reading books especially fantasy genre, as it gives life to creativity and imagination
  • Experienced in interpersonal communication

Achievements / Experiences

  • Participant at Nihon Manga Voice Bonding Performance ( 2014 )
  • Japanese Animation Seminar and Workshop with Pros 2-6 March ( 2015 )
  • Assisted in SP Open House ( 2015, 2016 )
  • Japanese Foreign Language Module ( 2015, 2016 )
  • Volunteered at Digitech @Clementi 2016 by Clementi CC

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