Aneirin Wee

Aneirin Wee


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

Aneirin was introduced to music when he started taking classical piano around the age of 5.
As he was gorwing up, he slowly brunched out to other genre of music and found a love for
singing as well. After joining DMAT he started composing and arranging his own music and
found love for audio engineering. With the love for experimentations when it comes to
music he wrote and produced 2 songs, “Goodbye” and “Feelings4U”.

“Goodbye” is a song about a broken relationship and how the two individuals still love and
care for each other. It is based on true events that has happened to his friends. This song
was written and arranged with Mando-Pop elements.

“Feelings4U” is a Funk-Pop song. Written to be something fun, catchy and cheesy. It speaks
of loving someone that is the complete opposite of oneself. It has a mixture of the old
school and new school style of funk.

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