Brandon Ling

Brandon Ling


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

artiste in learning – striving to express art from his perspective primarily as a singer-songwriter.

Brandon Ling (凌梓浩), is a vocalist who puts soul and passion above everything else, where his lyrics and compositions are always expected to be genuine & real. through personal experience, or inspiration adapted from details in every part of life (and the world), he fights with his art to voice his opinion and belief on all things.

growing up with a huge mandarin music influence, he has since grown to express himself in both english and chinese music.

TENDER溫柔: a track on the struggle of balancing between the white and black of a romantic connection. we tend to place our love status on higher priority over our personal well being, which can be a blessing in disguise, but question yourself again because you might just be firmly standing on a platform that is no longer there 很多時候,因為在愛情裡面 掌握著最重要的, 變得自己其實已經混亂了什麼叫做自己的快樂 什麼叫做委屈的悲傷;

CRIMINAL: respect comes above everything else in my world. and to be genuine, is a form of respect not only to the people around you, but to yourself. we often arise in war in spirit of what we believe in, but the moment we lie in contrast to what we stand up so strongly for, we become a criminal without an offence against the law.
it’s an offence to your own world, your own words;

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