Clarissa Chua Xin Yi

Clarissa Chua Xin Yi


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

Surrounded by music ever since she was a young child, Clarissa’s love for music blossomed into songwriting with the help of her delicate singing voice and mellifluous guitar playing. Influenced by singer-songwriters like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, Clarissa leans towards composing light-hearted songs about self-growth and vulnerability where she writes with honesty and her heart on her sleeve.

Making use of the skills she picked up from the 3 years course of study in Singapore Polytechnic, Clarissa wrote, arranged, composed, recorded and mixed 2 originals song to add into her portfolio. The songs are namely Floating Lanterns and Runaway Girl.

Floating Lanterns is an uplifting song written to comfort and exhilarate anyone who is going through hardships in their life. The song was inspired by her mother and the experiences they had when they were in Taiwan.

Runaway Girl gives off a melancholic vibe where it talks about always feeling inferior and having the urge to switch off your mind and emotions to avoid facing any misery.