Daksha Mohan

Daksha Mohan


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

Daksha’s musical journey began at the age of 7, picking up the electone as her first instrument. She then learnt it for 7 years, also picking up the classical guitar. At 13, she joined her
secondary school concert band and got into the percussion section. She picked up learning most of the percussion instruments and this is where her love for drums came about.

She then joined the Diploma in music and audio technology in SP and further improved on her skills, and also picking skills like songwriting, arranging, composition and producing. She also
joined SP’s Symphonic Band under the percussion section and improved herself more as a percussionist and drummer.

With her knowledge gained from DMAT, she then produced and composed two originals, “Good Vibes” and “Hey you”. “Hey you”: ​This song is a swing pop song, talking about a girl who fell in love with a boy at first sight, only to realise that he is not what she thought he was. Daksha played with the arrangement for this song, in terms of instrumentation and modes (different scales) to depict the change in storyline (particularly at the bridge) where the twist of the story is. This song’s inspiration came from a personal side of Daksha, that she kept to herself all this while. She decided to write a song about this and hence, “Hey you” came about.

“Good Vibes”​: This song is a heavily inspired reggae pop song with an indian twist. The main focus of this song is just about letting all the negatives out of your system and just believing in
the good things and surrounding yourself with positivity. This song was written when Daksha was undergoing a tough period in her life, where she was surrounded with negative energy. She
wanted to write something that would cheer herself up and bring her out of the negativity and hence. “Good vibes” came about. In terms of instrumentation, a tabla is added to give an indian
twist and extra dimension to the song.

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