Eat Your Sunblock!

Eat Your Sunblock!

Integrated Marketing Communications

Project Title:
Eat Your Sunblock!

Diploma in Media and Communication

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Team Members
Class 01: Jonathan
Class 02: Reshma
Class 03: Ariele Tan, Clara Wong, Tan Shu Jin, Brandon Kung, Tricia Chow

Heliocare is known to be the market leader in sun protection. It has the abilities to provide maximum protection by both topical and oral sun care products. The products are clinically proven and tested for safety and efficacy before launching in the market.

Heliocare Oral is probably the first oral sunblock in the market that is extensively researched and proven for safety and efficacy. Fernblock the main active ingredient was researched in Harvard Medical School for 12 years and is a patented ingredient. The efficacy of Fernblock has been published in many clinical studies, ensuring its efficacy and safety. Heliocare Oral has the ability to protect the entire skin surface from harmful UV rays, increase skin’s resistance against sunburn by up to 300%. It can also slow down premature skin aging, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and saggy skin.

This campaign is targeted at those aged 28 and above, in particular those active in outdoor sports, office ladies and people who like to travel.
They key objectives are to increase brand awareness that there is an edible sunblock, raise curiosity about Heliocare Oral as the first line of protection against UV rays, a daily supplement to consume before heading out and by doing so, increase interest in Heliocare Oral.