Jarrett Goh

Jarrett Goh


Dipoma in Music and Audio Technology

Jarrett Goh was recently introduced to the world of music at the age of 16, he fell in love with the world of audio engineering ever since he manage to get his hands on a console.

With the engaging environment he was taught in as well as the inspiration of friends and close ones. He exceled and hustled his way to be a knowledgeable and skilled engineer who
is able to mix and record songs effectively and of good quality.

Two songs that was composed by Jarrett namely, “Armageddon” and “Not Alone”. Were inspired by his personal experience in his Journey as an aspiring top engineer/producer.

Armageddon produced by Jarrett Goh is a song about regretting the fact of not listening to advice but only realised after that he was giving the same advice at a later date. It explores the mind of being hypocritical yet only through these actions will we learn the values of life even if it bring utmost destruction to our world.

Not Alone, produced by Jarrett Goh is a song about sending a message to the ones around him that even he is betrayed and left alone, he is never truly alone, and will always rise up once again in numbers, evolved, better than ever to achieve what he really wants.