Jemma Sng

Jemma Sng


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

Jemma studied at Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Music and Audio Technology(DMAT) from April 2015- April 2018. The course enabled her to learn skills such as musicianship, composition, recording and mixing and most importantly, producing. She composed a song “ 战。心。” and re-did a film as a sound designer and composer from a fellow Visual Effects and Motion Graphics (DVEMG) friend titled “Tattooed Heart” for her final year project.

“ 战。心。” was written in a small scale orchestra style where it’s strongly focused on the Chinese traditional instrument Guzheng. This is a seemingly technical piece and it talks about a warrior’s heart from before a war to the aftermath of the war.

“Tattooed Heart” is depicting a man living in denial over his lost love. The film was originally meant to be a silent film. Hence, Jemma decided to take this film and redid it from a different perspective.