Khairunnissa Zanirah

Khairunnissa Zanirah


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

Khairunnissa Zanirah was a student of Singapore Polytechnic who took Diploma in Music and Audio Technology from 2015 till 2018. This course has taught her skills such as arranging, producing, composing and mixing.

Khairunnissa likes to write songs based on how she feels and what she has gone through. She likes to tell stories through her songs and hope that they can inspire and help others as much as possible. Other than that, Khairunnissa likes to explore and try to do things differently. It might not be something that is comfortable, but it is definitely a fun way to learn something new.

She has written and produced 2 songs for her final year project, titled “Ketentuan Hidup” and “Jade”.

“Ketentuan Hidup”, is a malay song that reminds us that we’re living in a temporary world full of fantasies. This is Khairunnissa’s first time composing a traditional malay song. “Jade”, is the a type of love song that talks about a special person that has the 80s & modern pop vibes.