Marc Neo Wei Yang

Marc Neo Wei Yang


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

Marc Neo began his musical journey at the age of 6 and has attended a myriad of piano Performance Festivals, Competitions, Masterclasses and performed in numerous concerts both locally and internationally.

Marc really enjoys performing and it was never so much about winning various competitions but obtaining as many memorable experiences and treasuring every single performing opportunity.

Being a performing arts enthusiast, Marc picked up Dance and equipped himself with knowledge from the countless number of genres of dance such as Dancehall and Hip Hop. He was also a member of Singapore Polytechnic’s Dance Club, Strictly Dance Zone during his time as a student in Singapore Polytechnic.

On top of that, Marc is a creative individual who enjoys channelling his ideas into churning out productions related to the Performing Arts. He enjoys and works well with individuals from the arts scene He hopes to be part of the Singapore Art’s scene be it a creative director or a Show producer. He also enjoy performing music and continues perform in various shows. On top of that, he aspires to turn his passion for Music and the Arts into a Business and create his own Music School which focuses on equipping individuals with the right set of techniques and also provide interested individuals in the community with Music education who are not financially stable.