Nur Wahidah

Nur Wahidah


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

I sing and play synth in a local dream-pop band called Subsonic Eye. We’ve played at festivals/concerts like Baybeats, Ignite, various Esplanade events, Urban Ventures and Fred Perry: Subculture Live. We have also opened for various international bands such as Yuck (UK), fin. (JAP), Thud (HK) and Lust (MY). We released our album, Strawberry Feels, in April 2017, and so far has garnered support from 60k fans from 57 countries (according to Spotify statistics). Having embarked to Hong Kong for a show, the band is looking into touring venues in Southeast Asia around March 2018 to promote the writing of our next album.

I also maintain a bedroom pop side-project called Elephant Stampede. Most of my personal works are uploaded into my soundcloud but I do have 2 informal EPs up on bandcamp. I plan to dabble and explore more with Elephant Stampede in 2018 – and possibly collaborate with more musicians. In 2017, I had also sang the hook in a local rapper’s song (https://soundcloud.com/user-864300729/sets/rise-of-caesar).

For my POD assessment, I wrote 2 songs called No Brainer (lo-fi, indie, garage) and Version 2 (experimental neo soul). Version 2 is a song about the exploration of my self. The whole song concept revolves around the Wizard of Oz fantasy – the characters like the lion, the tin man, the witch are all represented in the song as flaws in my character. I move throughout the song plot talking about my issues and eventually arrive at the end – where I realise my flaws and start progressing towards a better ‘me’. No Brainer is about burnt out from writing and the song sonically describes the ups and downs of such burnouts – one often comes out from it feeling terribly numb and overwhelmed at the same time.