Oh Geng Hui

Oh Geng Hui


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

是爱 (It’s Love) is a song about love at its premature stage, where you experience having a crush on that special someone. The lyrics explain that every simple interaction you have with that
person is a symbol of love, be it spending time together, or having a simple conversation.

It is a song where the protagonist is trying to find a time to confess his love to that special someone, thus portraying much confusion and excitement in the process.

I chose to compose such a piece for the sole purpose of emphasizing what it feels like to have a crush on someone. All the mixed feelings that a person has, be it happiness, uncertainty, or even despair, can be found in this song. I hope that everyone who has been through this process can relate to my song greatly.

还记得 (I Can Still Remember) is a song reminiscing about the past. This song is set after a quarrel between a guy and the girl. The guy still remembers all the happy moments they had
together, and wants the girl to “return” to him. He blames himself for his own “stupidity”, and pleads for a chance to be forgiven. This song has electronic and rock elements in it, and thus is a song that is a real breakthrough for myself.

This song was composed to emphasize how guys do not cherish their female counterparts when they are by their side, only to regret when it is too late. This song embodies the regret the male
protagonist has, and grief he actually feels.