Bui Sen Ming Joshua

Bui Sen Ming Joshua


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

Joshua was introduced to the world of music at the age of 8. Back then he would constantly listen to the radio and get hooked on to catchy pop songs that played 24/7 on the air. It wasn’t until at age 16 after finishing his ‘O’ Levels that he decided to study music. It seemed like a stretch considering he didn’t have any prior music background, but he went ahead and pushed through with a passion to learn and excel. An aspiring songwriter, his goal is to write successful songs similar to world renowned artists today.

“With a Stare” is a pop song written in the perspective of a person who have been left in a broken relationship for long enough for hurt to completely take over them after it ended. Sang in an angsty or frustrated tone, the person openly speaks their mind and woes encountered while secretly hiding their depressed side.

“Identity” is an electronic song made exclusively with synthesizers. Inspired by retro gaming music, it is a call back to the gaming industry while in its way trying to become an electronic song to fit in the current generation of songs.