Sheryl Fan Wenqi

Sheryl Fan Wenqi


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

Sheryl Fan was a student in Singapore Polytechnic pursuing a Diploma in Music and Audio Technology.

Sheryl started learning the piano at the age of 11. She also took up the classical guitar whereby she played in school ensembles since the age of 13. From there, she expanded her music journey
in the Diploma course (Music and Audio Technology), this course taught her many skills such as songwriting, arranging, producing, recording and mixing.

Sheryl loves to explore and find out new things to learn more and improve. Sheryl has written two songs for her final year project, songs are titled “Hear me” and “You’re there”.

“Hear me” is a song about the protagonist who is facing parental rejection regarding a relationship. This is a relatively sad song which speaks about the feelings that the protagonist
is having.

“You’re there” is a Christian Song which talks about God never leaving you despite all circumstances, be it good or bad, happy or sad. This song gives a lively and catchy feel.