Tan Shuai Li Shawn

Tan Shuai Li Shawn


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

Shawn began his musical journey by developing an interest in the electric guitar after
being influenced by players such as Eric Clapton, B.B King, and so on, and decided
to pick up the instrument in 2011, and has flourished in his talent as a guitarist.

After enrolling in Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Music and Audio Technology,
Shawn found a new interest in music production and audio engineering, and he
decided on a new career path, to be an audio engineer. With the help of his lecturers
and peers, he worked his way to being a skilled and highly efficient engineer.
The two songs Shawn produced, 有你在身边, and Alexa, both showcase how his
peers DMAT and his experiences have shaped his life.

有你在身边 is a Mandopop song, written with the help of his peers. It is about a
relationship that is falling apart, as the girl is slowly breaking away from the guy,
leaving him feeling empty.

Alexa is a rock song, meant to be a fun project that shows Shawn’s roots as a
guitarist, as he has strong interests in hard rock. It is about a guy who notices a girl
in a club, and she completely captivates him