Tan Yong Hao Daryl

Tan Yong Hao Daryl


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

Without any prior knowledge of music, Daryl was enrolled into the Diploma of Music and Audio Technology in Singapore Polytechnic in the year 2015 and he has since then been interested in pursuing his career in the arts / creative industry.

Daryl has been a really outgoing and outspoken person ever since he was a little kid and because of those traits, he became the chairman of his secondary school’s drama club and that sparked his interest in acting and has since been in a few small shows and films.

Daryl also has a love for content creation. Shane Dawson was the reason why he started his Youtube channel and he has been making youtube videos since he was really young, but those videos have since been taken down due to personal reasons but he has started filming and editing more videos and putting them up on Youtube.

Daryl also had leadership training in the past and would love to experience being a leader in certain situations

Be Yourself
Why do we have to conform to societal’s norms? Why do we have to change ourselves just to fit into a particular group of people? Why do we have to be influenced by what other people do?

‘Be Yourself’ is written during one of the modules Daryl was taking. Listening to all the songs his peers composed, he really wanted to write a song which is close to their standards, until he started thinking, why did he have to write a song just like theirs and that when he wanted to compose a song just about that and that was how ‘ Be Yourself’ was born.

MADDspace Promotional Video
Daryl had his internship at MADDspace Singapore where he worked with many talented individuals and that is when he decided for his second project, he wanted to do up a promotional video about that company, where he took up the task of storyboarding, filming, editing and composing the music.