Tan Yun Jia Clarissa

Tan Yun Jia Clarissa


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

Clair T began learning the violin at 4 years old and had her first performance at the tender age of 5. She then went on to join various ensembles and orchestras, and was made the Violin 1 Section Leader of Singapore Polytechnic’s String Ensemble in 2016.

Her journey as a singer-songwriter started with an interest in poetry at age 6, which eventually merged with her love for music at age 13. She began writing songs to express her innermost thoughts and developed a keen interest in music production along the way.

Having been a social pariah for most of her life, Mirror reflects the lonliness and incomprehensible cruelty she has experienced, as well the epiphany she had about being “different”. Hurt Me is based off her personal experiences with abuse, and creating it became her catharsis as she finally processed and released the years of repressed emotions into this heart-wrenching track.