Yang Mo

Yang Mo


Diploma in Music and Audio Technology

Yang Mo has started composing in the year of 2015 when she joined DMAT (Diploma in Music and Audio Technology) in Singapore Polytechnic. While accumulating knowledge of composing music, she became better in expressing her feelings and ideas through music.

“赤道23” (23 degree on the equator), is about a choice. When one experienced hardship, loneliness and failure, when life became hopeless, when he/she has a goal and just could
not get it no matter how hard he tried. What will he do after experiencing all these feelings?

Surrender or keep going on?
“生” (Life), is about life. Birth of a new living creature meant the end of one. Each generation, we learn from the elder ones directly or indirectly the similar things. Life passes by and it
changes from simple and peaceful to complicating and then finally we are about to end, it will become peaceful again. Can you feel the progressing now?