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    Bay Wan Ting
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    Joseph Fung King Yiu
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    Teo Jun Hong
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    Qwek Zhi Hui

Biometrics-based Anonymous Entity Authentication Techniques


Course & option:
Diploma in Infocomm Security Management

Project Title:
Singtel Enterprise Security Risk Management Portal (ESRMP)

Team Members:
Bay Wan Ting, Joseph Fung King Yiu, Teo Jun Hong, Qwek Zhi Hui

Internal Supervisor:
Lu Liming (

Technology Used:
SecuGen Hamster Plus, MS Windows 7, Java JDK, Java SE, Netbeans IDE, Eclipse IDE, MySQL

Multi-factor entity authentication techniques have garnered increasing attention and found its footing in recent years. Undoubtedly, biometrics main advantage over other authentication techniques are in its high portability and security. However, at the same time, concerns over possible leakage of individual privacy in the use of biometrics for authentication, are not unfounded.

This project aims to solve the issue by developing the basis for biometrics-based entity authentication techniques that serves to protect an individual’s privacy. With little to none existing consumer-ready product or algorithm out in the market, the implementation demonstrated in this report covers new ground, and revolves around the concept of anonymous entity authentication, through the use of biometrics without the actual imagery through the use of fuzzy hashing. This project will also be released to the open-source community for feedback and possible further improvements.

Potential Opportunities:
The working implementation developed can be a useful tool to build upon, and can be easily modified to suit the needs of any individual or corporation.