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    Chua Ian
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    Yap Rong En



Course & option:
Diploma in Infocomm Security Management

Project Title:

Team Members:
(left to right according to the photo)
Chua Ian, Jarrold Tan Yu Hng, Ang Chin Guan Melvin, Yap Rong En

Internal Supervisor:
Ho Chee Meng (

External Supervisor:
Mr Daniel Blomberg (Cantera)

Technology Used:
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Google Chrome Extension Framework, Java Servlet Pages,

In modern times, most companies are connected to the web. Whether the company is accessing a database in the cloud or advertising online, they will need the Internet connection. There are employees that misuse this Internet connection to surf the website for their personal needs. Using the company’s bandwidth to visit social media website may not really pose a serious problem, however, there are serious issues such as employees, intentionally or unintentionally, downloading malicious software onto the company’s network.

Having viruses, worms or Trojans on the company’s network will cause major issues such as leaks of confidential information that the company is in charge of and the company will be held responsible for such losses.

Project ClouderExt™ aims to develop a cloud-based system that enables organizations to reduce insider theft, protect their intellectual property and confidential data as well as enable employers to better optimize employee productivity while monitoring for compliance requirements.

The proposed solution that the our team came up with is that of a Chrome Browser Extension that collects usage data, with the gathered data presented to the end user via a simple and neat web interface. Motivated by the popularity of the Google Chrome browser, the team decided to leverage on this and develop on the Chrome platform.

Potential Opportunities:
Distractions from entertainment sites and social media is detrimental to the productiveness of employees, meaning that business opportunities could be lost. A browser has the potential to provide communication channels through emails and social media, it is through these channels that business secrets could be leaked; access to these communication channels possibly cannot be blocked due to conflict with business interest. Businesses, especially those that specialise in consumer sales, are getting savvier at using the different online media to expand their business.

There is also a rise in the popularity of using a web interface for accessing a company’s work system. Furthermore, the digitalisation of 1st world countries has led to more frequent use of remote access to allow employees to work anywhere. An example being Singapore’s Smart Nation Home Office. As such, the importance of the web browser in an organisation cannot be undermined, and our project aims to secure this aspect.