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    Chua Yi Zhen
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    Muhammad Farid
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    Soh Jia Wei Anders
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    Chin Yi Bing

Logs Interactive Visualisation Engine (LIVE)


Course & option:
Diploma in Infocomm Security Management

Project Title:
Logs Interactive Visualisation Engine (LIVE)

Team Members:
Chua Yi Zhen, Muhammad Farid, Soh Jia Wei Anders, Chin Yi Bing

Internal Supervisor:
Mr. Calvin Siak Chia Bin (

External Supervisor:
Dr. S. P. T. Krishnan (Institute for Infocomm Research)

Technology Used:
Google App Engine, OAuth 2.0 Protocol, Google BigQuery, Google Charts, Python Programming Language, Log watcher, Apache Log files

The internet has become part of the daily life of most people. This, combined with frequent usage of the internet, web servers will have more logs in their systems as compared to a decade ago. With all these big data of logs, it will be difficult for middle-level and high-level managements such as the system administrator to keep track of their log files in real time to check for essential information about possible attacks as there will be new lines of log data appended almost every minute.

LIVE represents Logs Interactive Visualisation Engine. LIVE aims to build an automated method to update Google BigQuery with apache log files as close to real time as possible, display log files as intelligent dashboard using data obtained from Google BigQuery and inputting into Google Charts on Google App Engine, and also to detect possible cyber-attacks such as SQL injection and DOS (Denial of Service) attacks. It would also alerts the user via email if there is any sign of anomalies.

Potential Opportunities:
LIVE can be a useful tool for middle-level and high-level managements such as system administrators to be able to keep track of their web traffic more efficiently and finding out the characteristics of their web visitors in order for them to optimise their reach.