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    Jian Yiee
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    Wei Theen

Secure Cloud Storage



Course & option:
Diploma in Infocomm Security Management

Project Title:
Secure Cloud Storage

Team Members:
Jian Yiee , Wei Theen, Dex, Nathaniel

Internal Supervisor:
Lu Liming (

Technology Used:
JAVA, C#, Android SDK

Storing data in a cloud storage, for example Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, or Dropbox, is gaining popularity recently. While cloud services offer flexibility and scalability, there have been commensurate concerns about security. As more data moves from centrally located storage server to the Cloud, the potential for personal and private data to be compromised will increase. Confidentiality, availability and integrity of data area at risk if appropriate measures are not in put in place prior to selecting a Cloud vendor or implementing your own cloud and migrating to cloud services. Scenarios where users have concerns of the integrity of their data stored in the cloud storage are our main concern, as the cloud storage server may not fulfil its promise of maintaining the data integrity and adhering to the service level agreement.

Proofs of Retrievability (POR) is a cryptographic formulation for remotely auditing the integrity of files stored in the cloud, without keeping a copy of the original files in local storage. In a POR scheme, a user Alice stores her files on a potentially dishonest cloud storage server Bob along with some authentication data. When needed, Alice can remotely and efficiently verify the integrity of her file using the authentication data, without needing to retrieve the file back.

Potential Opportunities:
Secure Cloud Storage has the potential to help existing cloud service providers to enhance their security without loss of efficiency in their systems