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Singtel Enterprise Security Risk Management Portal (ESRMP)


Course & option:
Diploma in Infocomm Security Management

Project Title:
Singtel Enterprise Security Risk Management Portal (ESRMP)

Team Members:
Lee Bo Qiang, Lim Jia Jin Randall, Wong Yi Jing, Loh Xueliang

Internal Supervisor:
Calvin Siak Chia Bin (

External Supervisor:
Basarudin Bin Ahmad and Zeng XianBo, Joseph (NCS)

Technology Used:
Apache Tomcat, MySQL, Eclipse IDE, BitSight, Highcharts, Bootstrap

The senior management of a company require meaningful information from the security assessment reports for decision making. Within a limited time period, understanding the technical reports fully may seem like an impossible task. They face challenges in identifying, obtaining, processing and aggregating key information that enables them to steer towards defined targets effectively, and ultimately be in better control of their company’s cyber security.

Singtel Enterprise Security Risk Management Portal (ESRMP) is a web based portal that is mainly targeted at the senior management of a company. This does not necessarily mean that it is restricted to only the senior management as it is also for other employees of the company, such as security consultants, to utilize it.

It aims to provide a consolidated single pane of glass that displays meaningful information from the detailed and technical security assessment reports and also third party solution in the form of graphical representation that is easy to understand and also can be processed within a short amount of time.

Potential Opportunities:
Currently in the team’s project scope, only 3 components were involved. However, Singtel plans to have a few more components in the near future. They are Incident Response and Forensics Investigation, Security Briefing and Cyber Threat Intelligence.